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The children's book Geza & The Bee is inspired by the current crisis surrounding the world's rhino's and bees. It is up to each one of us to ensure that we are not responsible for their disappearance from earth. I thought of using them as characters to teach children the importance of every life form on earth, with the hope that these children will be able to secure the earth’s future.  The world is need of leaders rather than winners.  The planet is connected, not separate. 


Geza, the lead character, is a tribute to the real life Rhino who was callously mutilated and left alive with his horn & part of his face hacked off with pangas. Dr William Fowlds, a brave veterinarian, found & recorded Geza’s ordeal with the intention that “the account of this one rhino’s tragic end, will reach into the conscience and hearts of all men.”

The Tragic Story of Geza the Rhino

Told by the veterinarian who attended him

Dr. William Fowlds


My contribution to a sustainable future is the book Geza & The Bee - a tale about a rhino trying to kill a bee and then discovering that the whole world belongs to him! Percentage of the proceeds go to Rhino preservation. 

Read the full, heart breaking story of Geza told by Dr Fowlds in the pdf below.

Our children are the recipients of the world we have created, and it will be up to them to either fix our mess, or contribute further to it! I believe that children raised with empathy, compassion and love can shift the declining trend of destruction to Nature, and somehow rectify the horrendous actions that our generation has taken.  To achieve this, education is essential.

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