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Dharmisha. Writing. The beginning.

As the name suggests, Dharmisha Cvetkovic is a blend of diversity. Born in Johannesburg, she is a South African Indian on a quest to understand life, the universe and everything. Unable to comprehend the rat race, she embarked on a sabbatical at the age of 27. The next three years marked unexpected adventures living in the UK & India; and a cathartic journey from the outer to the inner.


Dharmisha's quest took her from nightclubs in London to meditating in caves in the Himalayas. As she discovered the witness or observer consciousness, she found clarity of perception, complete inner freedom &  a talent for writing. Her yearning led her to her spiritual Master and ultimately to India where she lived in an ashram to continue working on her inner awakening.  By the age of 30, she completed training as an Art of Living course facilitator.  


Her first published work was a gratitude journal of poems in 2011. In 2012, she started art lessons where she recently completed the paintings for her book "Who am I?" -  the first of a series of children’s stories designed to cultivate compassion, expand consciousness and increase belongingness. 


As a mother, Dharmisha often explores ways of educating children to keep them free of the confines of the ego and to help them tap into their inner potential. Raising her son from a space of expansion, she soon realised a growing need for educational material to raise children beyond the senses.  She trained in Germany to facilitate the Know Your Child workshop. Her stories are a combination of her eccentric life and interpretation of teachings from her spiritual Master.


Dharmisha has a Bachelor of Economic Science degree. She is currently employed as a Consultant and also volunteers for the world’s largest volunteer based NGO as the Country Coordinator.  Her background includes Java, system design, business analysis, process design, project management and strategic and management consulting.


Dharmisha has the ability to work comfortably with executive management or artists in the streets.  A woman of passion, her vision is to serve society by elevating the planet's collective consciousness.  She lives happily in Johannesburg with her 7 year old son and their loopy little dog.



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