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Sometimes I find myself expressing my creatvity through paintings instead of words. Each of these pieces expresses a unique point in my life. My passion is to capture infinity and the interconnectedness of all of life. As with poems and sentences, capturing the ineffible remains elusive. Contact me if you're interested in purchasing one of my pieces or order it through the online store.

Jozi by Dharmisha Cvetkovic
Love bug by Dharmisha Cvetkovic
Knocking on Heavens Doorby Dharmisha
World Culture Festival-Dharmisha
Infinity-Dharmisha Cvetkovic
Infinite waves by Dharmisha
Cambodia in pencil by Dharmisha
Dog in Oils by Dharmisha Cvetkovic
DharmishaCvetkovic-Digital Budhha
Zen Triptage 1 - Far Reaching Tree
Triptage 2 - Flower
Triptage 3 - Dragon
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